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My name is Eric and I'm a web developer. I design web applications and cloud solutions. Below are some of the technologies I use to build applications for the web.

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Build your brand

Knowledge is power and education is the premise of progress, in every community, in every business. We can use that power and work together to take your website to the next level. We can start building a website that will help you communicate with your customers and carry your brand's character and voice to new heights.

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Helping your businesse deliver exceptional web experiences

We can assist you getting started designing your website and providing fast and secure development solutions.

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Website Design

Whether you plan on building a personal website or a website for your business, we can work together to create a simple, yet good looking site that will implement an effective user interface.

Web Development

Scale your website to go beyond serving static content. We can work together to develop dynamic functionalities on your site using fast, scalable and secure web development solutions.

Cloud Solutions

Extend the collaboration capabilities inside your business by implementing cloud-based productivity services to reduce maintenance and cost of computer hardware infrastructure.

Computer Maintenance

We can work together to optimize your network infrastructure and deploy backup recovery strategies allowing your business to stay operational at all time.

Computer buying guide

How to buy and build your PC

Shopping for a computer doesn't need to be hard. Think about what you need and how you intend to use your computer. This section will help you make a good decision armed with the knowledge about different hardware that exist on the market today.

You can also build your own computer and customize it from the case up. Building your computer allow you to pick exactly which parts you want. This section will help you choose the components you'll need to get before getting started.

IT operations by day, web developer by night

I've been an IT web support specialist for 23 years. I grew up with an interest for computers and that passion is still very much alive today. My work experience and dedication to continuously learn new web design trends make me a valuable member of your team. My expertise can help you modernize your infrastructure and appeal to expanding customer populations.

I fulfill my hunger for knowledge and improve productivity using online education services like Pluralsight where I stay updated on web development, networking, and the cloud. When I'm not pushing any pixels, I can be found spending time with friends playing board games or saving the world on my video game console.

Computer System

Discovering ASP.NET Core

It took a website project for a small company to spark my interest in web application development. My research led me to an article about an open source and cross-platform framework from Microsoft called .NET Core. Microsoft was reimagining its mature and respected .NET framework as well as many of the technologies built upon it. This was very promising so I decided to give it a try. This led me to the discovery of C# and ASP.NET Core, which extends the developement platform with tools for building web applications on multiple platforms. I started to learn the basics of C# and I was able to experiment with the framework at work. I was hooked!

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Website design using HTML5 and CSS3

Website Design

When you have a project in mind you wish to transport to the web, I can help you get started with a modern and responsive web design using todays latest HTML5 and CSS3 standards. The HTML5 specification includes several semantic elements that will help organize your documents. The latest CSS3 evolution will allow the use of several new styling features to enhance the presentation capabilities of your site. I believe that working directly with the source code will give us far better control and understanding of the web.

Website design services
Website development using ASP.NET Core

Web Development

When you want your site to do more than serving static content to your users, I can get you started with developing new functionalities and features for your project. ASP.NET Core is a free and open-source framework for building web applications and web services with .NET Core and the C# programing language. We can build secure application with built-in user database using multi-factor authentication. We can add custom code to accommodate your needs, developing everything from simple site layout to a fully featured online form website.

Web application development
Cloud solutions using Office 365

Cloud Solutions

Many businesses are still using outdated technologies despite new platforms and solutions which have improved over time. If you have some catching up to do, know that Microsoft Office 365 will let you be very productive without having to spend too much on maintenance costs associated with a local infrastructure. I can help you get started with an office 365 subscription that fits your needs. This state-of-the-art enterprise IT environment give you access to the complete set of Office applications, online file storage, and a flexible set of collaborative tools that can be accessed from anywhere.

Cloud and Office services
Computer maintenance and backup

Computer Maintenance

Many people still wrestle with infected computers that are becoming slow over time. The problem can be worse, like a disk failure preventing the system from starting and provoking important loss of data. I can help restore the operating system, setup new hardware and plan for computer maintenance. We can work on implementing a good backup solution so that, in case of a failure, your partial data can be restored, or the entire system can be reconstructed.

Maintenance and backup solutions