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Maintenance and backup

Resident System is offering comprehensive hardware and software support. We can help you with computer maintenance; safeguard important information and provide cloud-based solutions that will keep your network operating at optimal efficiency. The modern business needs instant connectivity to data, thus a good recovery plan will keep your infrastructure up and running at all time.

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Need help? Support options that will meet your needs, whether you are getting started or you require maintenance.

Web Support

Get assistance with a new project or an existing website.

Development Support

Get assistance with your web applications.

Cloud Support

Get assistance with your subscriptions and service management.

Computer Support

Get assistance with your backup and data recovery strategy.

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Website Design

When you have a project in mind you wish to transport to the web, I can help you get started with a modern and responsive web design using todays latest HTML5 and CSS3 standards. The HTML5 specification includes several semantic elements that will help organize your documents. The latest evolution that is CSS3 will allow the use of several new styling features to enhance the presentation capabilities of your site. I believe that working directly with the source code will give us far better control and understanding of the web.

What I can do
  • Conceive or update a website using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 standards.
  • Provide a good layout so users can find the information they seek at a glance.
  • Optimize the content for search engines and incorporating relevant keywords.
  • Design the website so it performs equally well on different browsers.
  • Create a navigation architecture with consideration of how users browse and search.
  • Incorporate responsive web design so the site can be viewed on mobile devices.


Web Development

When you want your site to do more than serving static content to your users, I can get you started with developing new functionalities and features for your project. ASP.NET Core is a free and open-source framework for building web applications and web services with .NET Core and the C# programing language. We can build secure application with built-in user database using multi-factor authentication. We can add custom code to accommodate your needs, developing everything from simple site layout to a fully featured online form website.

What I can do
  • Create dynamic web content using ASP.NET Core and C# programming language.
  • Connect your website to a database using Entity Framework Core.
  • Integrate your site with popular JavaScript frameworks like React and Angular.
  • Implement online form validation to ensure proper user input before form submission.
  • Deploy your website to any major cloud platform.

What is ASP.NET?

.NET is an open source developer platform from Microsoft that contain tools for building all sorts of applications. It is free and cross-platform, meaning that it can be used on the most popular operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

ASP.NET extends the .NET developer platform with tools for building web applications. ASP.NET provides extra tools like a framework for processing web requests, a templating syntax, known as Razor, for building dynamic web pages, an authentication system that includes template pages for handling logins and more.


Cloud Solutions

Many businesses are still using outdated technologies despite new platforms and solutions which have improved over time. If you have some catching up to do, know that Microsoft Office 365 will let you be very productive without having to spend too much on maintenance costs associated with a local infrastructure. I can help you get started with an office 365 subscription that fits your needs. This state-of-the-art enterprise IT environment give you access to the complete set of Office applications, online file storage, and a flexible set of collaborative tools that can be accessed from anywhere.

What I can do
  • Assist in choosing a business plan and signing up for an Office 365 subscription.
  • Create Office 365 accounts for your users and add your own domain.
  • Transfer your existing email from other email systems to your Office 365 mailbox.
  • Configure Office 365 services and applications for your business.
  • Set up your organization in the cloud, manage users and subscriptions.

What is Office 365?

Office 365 is a cloud-based subscription service from Microsoft that combine popular Office apps like Word, Excel and Outlook with cloud services like OneDrive and Microsoft Teams. Collaborate with your team from anywhere using a mobile, tablet or access any cloud services from a browser.

Assign a group of people to a collection of resources, such as a shared Outlook inbox or a shared calendar, for those people to communicate and share. Stay informed with customer interactions and grow relationships with CRM capabilities and more.


Computer Maintenance

Many people still wrestle with infected computers that are becoming slow over time. The problem can be worse, like a disk failure preventing the system from starting and provoking important loss of data. I can help restore the operating system, setup new hardware and plan for computer maintenance. We can work on implementing a good backup solution so that, in case of a failure, your partial data can be restored, or the entire system can be reconstructed.

What I can do
  • Diagnose and fix computer system or hardware errors.
  • Install and customize Windows to make your system more efficient and secure.
  • Implement a centralize backup solution to protect data on multiple machine.
  • Create a backup recovery strategy that can be used to restore your entire network.

Service Warranty

Resident System warrants that service will be performed in a professional and timely manner and will demonstrate that all repair has been completed at the time the computer is delivered to the customer. Resident System offers a 60-day warranty on all computer repair and upgrades.

If the same issue of the original service order reoccurs within the 60 day period, we will repair the computer again at no charge.

Resident System will not be responsible for any loss of data due to a diagnostic, a repair or an upgrade. There will be no warranty if the issue was caused by physical damage, negligence or misused by the customer or third parties. There will be no warranty for any virus, malware or bloatware found on the computer. The customer needs to perform proper backup of his data before any work can be done on the computer.